What is Energy Healing?


Since Energy Healing is a practice that may be unfamiliar to most people, I have included some answers to frequently asked questions here.

How does Energy Healing actually work?

As an Energy Healer, I intuitively get to the root cause of what’s blocking movement in a person’s life, and I clear that blockage. When I’m working with a client, sometimes I see things, like images or symbols. Sometimes I hear things, like voices from the client’s guides or even angels. Other times I just know things. Whenever I connect with a person’s energy, whether in person or long distance, answers find a way of reaching me.

Energy Healing isn’t something I do on my own. I am able to tune into the energetic and life forces that are already with you and guiding you on a regular basis. Basically, if there is a “door” that is locked in any area of your life, blocking all the positive outcomes and energy from coming through, Energy Healing can help find a way to “unlock” it.

Who can you help with Energy Healing?

I help a wide range of people: those seeking relief from a health problem, solutions for work or business dilemmas, strategies for finding and maintaining happy relationships, and even direction toward finding their life’s purpose. Energy Healing can help anyone with a desire to get more out of life.

Often, people with health problems have already run through the gamut of doctors and specialists, but still have no answers. Sometimes I can detect specific ailments when I work on someone; other times it’s just a generic sense of poor health or imbalance. Either way, I can help a client release the blockages that are contributing to the physical problem and help them activate their God-given healing potential. I believe in the mind-body-spirit connection, and that a lot of physical health problems are the result of mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Those are always addressed in Energy Healing.

There are a multitude of other problems–from financial trouble to relationship issues–that can show up in a person’s life because of blocked energy. I help clear those blockages and teach people how to remain as clear as possible. Once clear, a person can experience any number of beneficial results and positive outcomes, including:

  • Physical healings
  • Stress relief
  • Improvement in family, work, relationship and other personal issues
  • Removal of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior
  • Discovery of one’s calling or life purpose
  • Attracting the ideal job, work or partner
  • Greater business results and job success
  • Release from trauma
  • Improved feelings of well-being
  • A general sense of greater happiness, peace of mind and overall fulfillment in life.

Energy healing also attracts a lot of people who’ve been in therapy for years but unable to resolve certain issues. In fact, I personally work with psychologists, therapists, and other healers who refer clients directly to me or who’ve decided to use my services after seeing their clients have great success.

Who is the ideal client?

The ideal client is:

  • Someone who values personal development and is open to different schools of thought.
  • Someone willing to do the work that it takes to get to where he/she wants to go.
  • Anyone in search of something greater, who wants to connect with their inner power, transform limiting belief systems, stop self-sabotage, cultivate their innate talents and develop their intuition.

What is the process of Energy Healing like?

The process of Energy Healing is different for each person. Almost all sessions include a conversation about the person’s primary challenges, issues, and concerns. Typically, this looks a lot like traditional therapy or life coaching, but with an entirely different goal in mind. During this part of the session, I’m sensing and intuitively “downloading” information about this person — information that goes beyond what they’re actually saying. I do this to determine what may be causing problems or a lack of movement in their life from an energetic perspective. Occasionally, I just listen. Sometimes I give the client immediate tools or advice for handling a situation. Other times I send a follow-up email with information that I think might be useful. I have a lot of resources at my fingertips, and I usually get an intuitive “hit” on which resource is right for that client.

The second half of the session is the actual energy clearing, which is explained on the Sessions and Prices page.

What kind of results can I expect?

Typically, a lot of movement and clearing can occur after one session. Some people have blockages that are blocking everything good from coming into their life. When those blocks are cleared, the good things begin to come in. Because of this, I frequently see clients have major shifts in multiple areas of their life – health, relationships, work, etc. – all at one time. It’s like the solutions are waiting to arrive but can’t get in.

Once cleared, most clients have a strong desire to stay clear and feeling good. Therefore, follow-up sessions are encouraged to maintain balance and clear the energy that gets blocked from life challenges and the daily stresses of modern living.

Energy Healing may be unconventional, but I have found it to be effective. I can’t explain why it works. That answer may be beyond all of us. I am regularly awed by what it can do and how it can help. The work never ceases to amaze me. For these reasons, I am grateful, honored, and humbled for the opportunities to share this profound gift with others.

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